Welcome to GymQR!

We are providing a method to bring accuracy and efficiency to Gym records. By using Gym QR, you are providing to your customers a user-friendly method of tracking their workouts without fussing with awkward cards or losing information in the massive shuffle. It will provide a great motivator to members with easy to read progress reports, whether they are at the gym, or at any computer. For YOU as the gym, this system offers a collection of information from your clients that will allow you to access a plethora of data from usage, times, and demographics. As the member enters their information, it stores into your Gym’s database so you can keep records on what machines are most used, who’s using it, workout patterns, and for those working with personal trainer, they can even assign workouts to their clients.

How it works

The gym has an exclusive database and a unique QR code that their member scans with their device and registers their information. Then, each work out machine has its own QR code. Weight machines are registered with its name and weight increments, Cardio machines are also listed and programmed to record time and average speed. The client enters the gym and scans their first machine. If this is their first visit, there will be no previous information, but once a record is entered, the last record will appear with the scan of the QR code. Once you finish your set on the machine, you record on the phone the weight used and the amount of reps. In addition to this there is a scale that they can rate their difficulty level so when they return, they can gage if it is time to enhance weight or if they need to continue working at that level. With their unique log in, they can also access progress charts. As the gym, you also have access to the client information. Not only do you get to see the reports of the individuals’ progress, but you can see the overall usage reports. Here’s when it starts to get real exciting. With this overall usage report, you can filter the data to see demographics, usage rates on each machine, traffic times, and more. With personal training programs, your trainers can offer assistance to their clients with workout assignments through their program. This frees trainers up for more clients and allows the freedom of schedule and convenience. Make it social: we can even include social media by creating a Foursquare location for each machine, offering the friendly competition of “mayor ship” to the clients who check in and give you the opportunity to reward the loyal customers with promotions for getting on board with the circuit.


Upfront costs include a per machine installation fee. Installation includes the machine data input into your database and a unique QR code for that machine. If multiple machines exist, duplicate codes can be created. Codes are printed onto magnetic sheets for easy application to the equipment. The creation of your database is included in the installation cost.
Per Machine-$100
Per additional code per machine- $5
Monthly costs: Here is the best part, you are charged per client. We offer a rate of .90 per client registered with contract. This covers the hosting of the database and access to all reports. If a client cancels their membership with you, you have the power to de-activate their access to your gym’s record system. You only pay for active members!